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Right-wing GOP still pushing stolen election lie

In defense of Georgia Democrats, Brian Kemp chose not to recuse himself as secretary of state when he ran for governor. As the secretary of state, he had the power to commit all kinds of hijinks. Maybe he did, and maybe he didn’t, but to not recuse himself from that office while running for governor was at best terrible optics and, at worst, a way to control the outcome of the election.

Now Republicans are doing everything in their power to destroy American democracy. The 2020 elections were one of the most scrutinized elections in American history, yet the fringe right wing of the Republican Party, led by a bunch of dangerous crackpots, is still pushing the lie that it was stolen.

The fringe right has become addicted to these lies. We’ve seen this tactic used over and over throughout history by fascist despots. I have nothing against poll watchers, but I worry about the nefarious reasons that Republicans are using them in upcoming elections.


Atlanta officials refuse to address real problem of ‘criminal violence’

Re: “11 shot in less than 5 hours in Atlanta as gun violence plagues city” (News, July 24), gun violence is it? Outlaw all guns in Atlanta and see if that stops “gun violence.”

Atlanta has a problem with “criminal violence,” and the leadership of Atlanta refuses to acknowledge it or address it. Make more laws and the criminals will just ignore them.

Put the career criminal in prison for the rest of their life, and you may start to have an impact. Remove the criminal element that uses a gun in the commission of a crime from the rest of society, and you make for a safer society. Unfortunately, what passes for Atlanta’s leadership doesn’t have the spine to prosecute the criminals.