Amid a deadly spree of mass shootings, news organizations deliver a unified message: Enough is enough. This must stop.

Each day, across America, we live with the terrifying reality that no place is safe from the threat of gun violence.

Last Sunday, in the wake of a deadly shooting at a medical center in Midtown, we took the extraordinary measure of devoting the front page of the newspaper to an editorial written by Andrew Morse, our president and publisher.

“What can we do?” Morse asked. “The answer is simple: We can change the laws. And we can do that without treading on the constitutional right to own and carry guns.”

We are not alone in that message.

Over the last year, dozens of newspapers in every corner of the country – from Atlanta to California, to big cities, small towns and college campuses and high schools in between – have taken strong stances of their own.

They’ve done that because, like us, they, too, live in the communities in which they cover. And like us, they can no longer remain silent as our friends, our neighbors and our children lose their lives to senseless shootings.

This isn’t a conservative or a liberal issue, as Morse wrote last Sunday. It is an American issue. It is a human issue.