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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Trump’s supporters aren’t bothered by his narcissism

To the reader who urged The AJC to consult mental health professionals to help understand the Trump base: I have a Ph.D. in educational psychology and years of clinical experience. Much recent academic research has explored the “adaptive unconscious.”

Stereotypically, his supporters look at what Trump does, not what he says. He tends to think out loud, which is always an egocentric method of communication. Current society seems to care more about what someone says than what they actually do. This is why many politicians won’t communicate directly; they “pivot” to their preferred “talking points” no matter the question.

Trump doesn’t do this and our unconscious immediately recognizes the difference. He is believed because someone doesn’t have to guess what he is thinking; he can’t help but verbalize it. We are bothered by those who reflect our worst traits or fears.

As a senior citizen, I am repulsed by Biden’s dementia symptoms. Why does Trump’s obvious narcissism get under someone else’s skin so badly?


Americans always able to change with the times

Ford’s CEO Jim Farley recently said, “We’re losing billions on our EV business. But what I found is that people who go electric don’t go back. And so the first people who buy our first-generation electrics are going to be the first people to buy our second-generation electrics.” That is quite a revelation.

When I was born, there was no polio vaccine. In the 1950s, my Dad and I used lead paint, then washed the paint off our hands with leaded gas. Car brakes contained lead. Our coal furnace was wrapped in asbestos.

We changed.

I admire those who can adapt. A woman in her nineties called me. I asked how she got my number. She said, “I Googled you.” At 90, I hope I can use the “then” version of technology.

Cobb EMC generates our power using 47% coal and natural gas, 39% nuclear and 14% renewable. We have solar panels. My wife and I drive electric vehicles, and there is no turning back!