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Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Bipartisan progress being stalled by politics

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators works together to address two huge issues affecting the United States: unlawful immigration and the war in Ukraine. You know they are making good progress because both the far right and the far left have started to attack their efforts. Now, ex-President Trump has decided it is politically better for him to have them fail than actually to make progress on these critical issues.

One needs only look at who is supporting Russia (Iran and North Korea) to see failing to support Ukraine weakens U.S. influence in the world and emboldens our enemies. Now that the surge in undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers is affecting big-city Democrats, they, too, agree something needs to be done.

We have a golden opportunity to progress on both of these issues, yet some of our elected officials are putting their political careers ahead of the good of the country. And they wonder why the American public loathes Congress.


Trump is not an option for American democracy

Say yes to civility, adult behavior, proven facts, truth, common sense, science and democracy.

Just say no to childish bullying language, cheap schoolyard insults, “alternative facts” (aka repeatedly fact-checked lies), conspiracy theories, xenophobia, personal threats to safety and promises of revenge and retribution.

The probable GOP nominee is not the second coming. He is a psychotic narcissist dictator wannabe. This is not who we are.

The shortlist of easily forgotten embarrassments: birtherism, insulting hero/POW John McCain, the COVID-19 debacle (promoting bleach, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, etc. vs. vaccines), mocking the disabled, repeated election denials and the attack on the U.S. Capitol. There are also dozens of current criminal charges.

This guy is not an option. We must vote to maintain American democracy in November. Everything else is secondary; choose country over party.