12/13 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Stable marriages are best solution to crime problem

The recent columns and articles discussing Atlanta’s crime problem contain a number of suggestions with varying values. However, the long-term and best -- indeed, only -- solution has not been mentioned. That is marriage.

Yes, marriage, as in the committed joinder of two human beings, includes a loving, caring father figure and an arrangement that helps reduce the effects of low income. Consider, too, the significant savings in living costs with two-parent households. Oh sure, that won’t work 100% of the time, and there are many successful single-parent households, but certainly, it would have a dramatic effect on the violent crime rate.

Perhaps these young men would be less inclined to find “meaning” in life by getting involved in the gangster culture if they had a two-parent household. Until leaders stand up and loudly preach this, the situation will never, ever change.


In Griner’s support, let’s stop flow of travel to Russia

As we join all Americans in celebrating Brittney Griner’s release from a prison camp in Russia, let’s pause to consider the lessons to be learned from her experience.

President Biden said, “I strongly urge all Americans to take precautions when they travel overseas.” While that is certainly good advice, much stronger lessons must be learned.

Griner’s experience demonstrates that travel to Putin’s Russia is extremely dangerous for any American. Americans traveling to Russia risk their freedom and perhaps their very lives. The U.S. State Department must actively discourage all United States athletes and entertainers from taking the risk of Russian travel.

Furthermore, no American should consider traveling to Russia under a tourist visa. For years Russia has profited handsomely from Americans visiting The Winter Palace and The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, destinations routinely included in European cruise and tour packages. Any American tourist in Russia risks being held as a pawn to be exchanged for weapons dealers, drug merchants, or other Russian criminals. Let’s stop the flow of American tourist dollars to this rogue state.