11/30 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Kemp shows hypocrisy in campaigning for Walker

Patricia Murphy points out the hypocrisy of our Secretary of State. He lauded the new voting bill as making it “easier to vote and harder to cheat” and then tried to make it harder to vote by challenging a court ruling permitting early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Luckily, the court made it harder for Republicans to cheat by throwing out that challenge.

Our governor demonstrated his hypocrisy by pretending Herschel Walker did not exist during his own election campaign, but now curries favor from the radical right by endorsing a morally bankrupt resident of Texas for the Georgia U.S. Senate seat.

Anyone who voted for Kemp in appreciation for his stand against Trump cannot possibly vote for Walker as he is subservient to Trump and under his control. I vote for candidates who pass the “I” test -- integrity and intelligence. Walker fails them both. In fact, he is at the top of the failing class. Finally, he is valedictorian of something.


Climate crisis needs rational solutions, not alarmism

A Nov. 24 letter (“Hurricane damage is high price of climate change”) provides some great examples of climate alarmism. The letter includes terms such as “devastation,” “civilization unworthy of survival,” “wait for doom” and “climate disasters.” However, the writer does assure us that, due to electric cars and other developments, the “collapse of civilization” is not inevitable.

I didn’t think the collapse of civilization was even on the table!

We need to step back from climate Armageddon talk and deal with the issues more rationally. In my view, the primary climate crisis we face is completely bankrupting the country by spending trillions ultimately to have no impact on the climate due to continuing emissions from China and others.