Would $3 a day get you to change your commute?

Consider this.

Your estimated annual cost of driving alone is $11,518.56 if your daily round trip from home to work is around 100 miles and you commute 25 days a month, according to Georgia Commute Options.

Georgia Commute Options wants drivers to think of ways they could save money by choosing a commute alternative. To give some incentive, it’s offering the “Commute Pursuit” challenge.

Between July 13-31, new ride-sharing commuters can earn $3 for every day for logging their ride-share commute at GaCommuteOptions.com.

To enter, commuters must be making their first switch to ride-sharing from driving alone.

If you don’t have time to log your ride-share commute, you can still save money by considering one of the following commute options and their estimated annual costs:

  • Carpooling to work: $8,639
  • Vanpooling to work: $1,200
  • Taking transit: $2,210

That means you could save big bucks by carpooling ($2,880), vanpooling ($10,319) or taking transit ($9,308).

Obviously, these costs vary depending on the type of vehicle and driving habits. But it’s worth considering.