6-year-old’s letter leads to release of little green Army women toys

BMC Toys makes plastic green Army women in response to Vivian Lord’s viral letter

A 6-year-old girl in Arkansas is getting her request answered after a letter she wrote asking for little green Army women to be made.

"Why do you not make girl army men," Vivian Lord of Little Rock, Arkansas, wrote in her July 2019 letter, according to "Good Morning America." "My freinends mom is in the Army to!! So why don't you make them to!!!"

She continued, “Some girls done’t like pink so pleaes can you make army girls that look like women. I can play with them evry day and my freiends would to!”

The Military Times reported that the maker of plastic green Army men, BMC Toys, has made a line of little green Army women available for preorder.

Around the time Vivian's letter went viral, BMC Toys owner Jeff Imel told CBS News in August 2019 many people didn't want to see women in vintage plastic military sets, partially because there were not many women serving in combat during those wars.

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“I’m not a big company. It's expensive to produce a new figure set. So I’ve got to do my due diligence and make sure it’s something people actually want,” Imel told CBS News at the time.

But Vivian's letter put some pressure on the company, and of the three companies Vivian wrote to, BMC Toys was the only one to respond, the Military Times reported.

In November, Imel started a fundraiser to make the items, and in just over a month, more than $55,000 was raised on Kickstarter for the plastic Army women to be made.

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The new line of 36 pieces includes a military working dog with a female handler, a nurse, bazooka operator, radio operator, combat medic, grenadier, pathfinder captain, prone sniper and Rosie the Riveter. They are in 15 classic combat poses, according to the product listing on the BMC Toys website.

The toys will be available in fall 2020, but the preorder is out of stock until Oct. 1. Those interested can sign up for an email notification for when more are in stock on the BMC Toys website.