13-year-old Douglasville boy chokes, kills rabid fox

A 13-year-old Douglasville boy is undergoing treatment for rabies after choking the fox that bit him.

It was the second fox attack this week, Frances McMillan, Douglas County Animal Control manager said Friday in a phone interview.

“That young man was able to get his hands around the neck of that fox and kill it,” McMillan said. “That fox was sent for testing and we expect the results back soon.”

Douglas County Animal Control officials want the public to make sure household pets are vaccinated, because there are suspected rabid foxes in the area.

McMillan said early Wednesday morning a man was bitten in two different places by a fox, and the boy was attacked the next day.

McMillan said she doubts the same fox attacked the two people, and cautions the general public to be on the lookout.

“We want people to keep an eye on their pets,” she said. “Foxes are generally nocturnal, and it is not uncommon to see them, but they should move along when they hear a noise or something like that.”

She said if you come in contact with an aggressive fox, call Animal Control at 678-449.3970.