Would-be Gwinnett robber outwitted by bank teller

Quick thinking by a Lilburn bank teller ensured that a would-be robber got bupkis.

The would-be robber, who identified himself as “Seth” from “Cali,” initially told a teller at the PNC Bank on Lawrenceville Highway Monday that he wanted to open an account. He quickly revealed he had a withdrawal more in mind when he handed the teller a portfolio and threatened if she did not stuff it with $2000, it “would not be good for her,” according to police.

The teller told “Seth” that she would have to get the cash and then she and her co-worker hopped into the vault and locked themselves inside. They called the bank’s security company, which called 911.

Lilburn police released photographs of the accused robber Tuesday.

The cameras also documented that the man waited for several minutes for the tellers to return before leaving and walking calmly toward an I-HOP restaurant, said Capt. Thomas Bardugon.

If the tellers had called 911 first, Lilburn police who were only a short distance away might have responded in time to make an arrest, Bardugon said.

Police ask anyone with any information on the attempted robbery to call Investigator Cody Belcher at 404-516-0657.