What is the Brain Eating Amoeba?

With 720 sexes and problem-solving skills, the ‘blob’ comes to the Paris zoo

What can heal itself, has 720 sexes and no brain but can solve problems? It’s the “blob,” and it can be found at the Paris Zoological Park.

The bright yellow organism is similar to a slime mold but isn’t classified as a plant, animal or fungus, according to CNN.  

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Officially known as physsarum polycephalum, the “blob” is believed to be around a billion years old and can heal itself after being cut in half. The exhibit may be in Paris, but the organism was first discovered in Texas in 1973 when a woman found the yellow blob growing in her backyard. 

The “blob” died in Texas but was reinvigorated after a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society showed that the organism could remember its previous behaviors for up to a year. 

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The slime mold is also believed to be capable of solving problems, such as finding the shortest way to exit a labyrinth and anticipating changes in its environment, according to scientific researchers at the zoological park, CNN said. Scientists initially grew the organism in petri dishes until it reached a certain size. Eventually, it was placed in a terrarium, and visitors to the Paris Zoological Park have been able to view it since October 19. 

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