Watch: Georgia police officer helps teen fix tie before high school graduation

Officers are responsible for enforcing laws and investigating crimes, but one Georgia cop took a break from his duties to help a teen put the finishing touches on his graduation attire.

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A policeman in Kingsland, which is in south Georgia near Jacksonville, was directing traffic when he noticed a scholar struggling with his tie before his high school graduation ceremony. He briefly left his post to adjust the boy’s tie as a woman, who appeared to be the teen’s mother, looked on. Once he secured the knot and folded down the collar, he got right back to his job.

The sweet moment was caught on tape and shared by ABC News’ social media accounts. On Facebook, the post had received more than 725,000 views, about 57,000 reactions and 6,000 shares as of Monday morning.

Many commenters praised the cop as “kind” and “awesome.” for his thoughtful act.

One person wrote, “That was awesome!! He saw something needed and did it. Thank you to the officer. I’m certain the graduate appreciated it, even tho he looked kind of embarrassed.”

Someone else said, “As a single mother raising a son. I really appreciate this. May this officer receive positive blessings as his gifted this young man with kindness.”

Another identified the cop as Officer Flowers and said he is “one of Kingslands finest!”

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