Toddler in China saved by police officer after riding toy car into traffic

A toddler in China is safe after riding his toy car onto a busy street in an effort to find his mother.

In a dramatic video caught by nearby security cameras and first shown on Chinese state television, the boy was riding his toy car into the teeth of morning rush hour traffic in Lishui City, Yahoo 7 News reported. Motorists and a bus driver swerved around the child and honked, but nobody stopped to help as the boy continued to press forward.

Wu Feng, a policeman in Lishui City, was riding his motorcycle to a job at the time and saw the child.

“The boy was dangerously close to traffic, so I picked him up and took him onto the pavement," he said. “He told me he had become separated from his mom and was looking for her."

Fortunately for the child, his mother was located nearby and he was returned to her safely.