Mattel reveals Career of the Year doll: Judge Barbie

Mattel reveals Career of the Year doll: Judge Barbie

About two weeks after announcing a new line of gender-neutral dolls, Mattel is introducing another toy: Judge Barbie.

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Each year, the company highlights a new career, especially one that lacks female representation. For 2019, it’s inspiring “girls to explore judicial careers with the hopes that one day they will sit on the bench and make important decisions that can change the world for the better,” Mattel said in a press release.

The release of Judge Barbie is in conjunction with Barbie’s partnership with GoFundMe. The brands have teamed up to raise money for three nonprofits that support female empowerment, including She’s The First, She Should Run and Step Up.

The doll’s debut also coincides with the one-year anniversary of the “Barbie Dream Gap Project,” which aims to inspire “the limitless potential in every girl.”

Learn more about the collaboration here.

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