Here’s how you can make Issa Rae your Google Assistant

The ‘Insecure’ star has lent her voice to the digital virtual assistant

Issa Rae was the first black female host for the CFDA Awards. In one of her hosting moments the comedian brought up the impact black culture has had on fashion. Rae said designers use to 'make black clothes for white people that are too expensive for black people." But now artistic director at Louis Vuitton,Virgil Abloh, is "making clothes too expensive for everybody."

Are you a fan of Issa Rae? You can listen to her sing and talk anytime you’d like, because she’s collaborating with Google Assistant.

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The “Insecure” star is the second celebrity to bring her vocals to the digital virtual assistant. Along with John Legend, who joined the platform earlier this year, Rae’s voice is now available for a limited time on any device that has the Google Assistant, including Google Home speakers and on mobile for Android and iOS.

To switch to her voice, just say, “Hey Google, talk like Issa.” You can also select it in the “Assistant voice” settings section.

According to Variety, Rae spent 40 hours in a recording studio saying "random sentences."

“One of the most fun days was just being myself – I give people compliments,” she said.

In addition to being complimented by Rae, you can also ask her questions like, “When’s the first day of winter?” or “How do I look?” She will also tell you a joke or secret.

The filmmaker will even answer fun questions like “Hey Google, do you love Daniel or Lawrence more?” or “Hey Google, tell me something awkward.”

Check out her promo video below.

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