Google celebrates 131st anniversary of the hole puncher

Have you peeped Google today? It’s all about the history of the hole puncher.

The search engine site, which sometimes uses its homepage to highlight prominent figures and momentous occasions, is celebrating the office supply on its 131st anniversary.

Friedrich Soennecken, a German inventor, came up with the idea and patented the tool on Nov. 14, 1886.

But he wasn’t just known for the hole puncher, he also created the ring binder for the punched sheets.

People praised the innovator for his wares, paper and pens, too.

Over the years, the design of the hole puncher hasn’t changed much. Its primary function is still to cut through a stack of paper, and Google is now paying tribute.

“Today we celebrate 131 years of the hole puncher, an understated – but essential – artifact of German engineering,” Google wrote. “As modern workplaces trek further into the digital frontier, this centuries-old tool remains largely, wonderfully, the same.”

Check out the doodle archive to see the animated doodle.

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