Is Black Twitter boycotting ‘Black Panther’ because Michael B. Jordan isn’t dating a black woman?

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Many are anticipating the Feb. 18 release of Marvel’s “Black Panther.” However, people are losing it on social media, after many tweeps began accusing black women of boycotting the movie because of actor Michael B. Jordan's alleged girlfriend.

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The star was recently spotted with someone suspected to be his girlfriend. When pictures of the duo hit the internet, many were reportedly outraged that the woman pictured was not black and threatened to boycott his upcoming movie.

In November, Jordan shared the biggest rumor he'd heard about himself. He said it was "that I don't date black women."

Despite disputing that rumor, several were quick to share their thoughts about the 30-year-old's personal life. A few criticized him and other black actors for not dating within their race.

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On the contrary, many people’s support of the flick did not waver. They said they still plan to flock to the theaters, and some even accused the critics for not condemning other black celebrities who’ve dated outside of their race.

Several noted they saw lots of people saying black women were boycotting “Black Panther,” but they weren’t actually hearing about the protest from black women.

Then, there were some who thought the entire idea of a boycott was bogus, calling it fake news.

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