Woman gets $150 cursing fee after car towed

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If your car has ever been towed, there's a good chance you were left shaking your head at how much it costs to get it back.

One Alabama woman was left with an extra dose of sticker shock from the bill after her car was towed from a friend's apartment complex recently.

According to WHNT, Mahogony Grandison was charged an additional $150 for "foul language."

The towing company says someone called their offices and cursed out an employee for towing Grandison's car.

Grandison does admit she parked in a no-parking zone, but she says it was by accident. She also says she called the towers and apologized to the employee who was yelled at.

Grandison insists, though, it wasn't her that made the foul-mouthed call.

The Huntsville woman's final bill came to $350, and Affordable Towing Daniel Bradford says the extra fee was warranted:

"She was threatening, cussing, saying she was going to do this and do that. We were being nice, coming out and letting her have her car after hours at 3 a.m."

WHNT reports the fee does not break any state consumer laws. Bradford says he might be willing to refund some of Grandison's money if she apologizes in person to his employees.