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Cobb has several competitive races this year, including county commission chair, sheriff and district attorney. JOHN SPINK/JSPINK@AJC.COM

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Cobb has several competitive races this year, including county commission chair, sheriff and district attorney. JOHN SPINK/JSPINK@AJC.COM

Cobb has several competitive races this year, including county commission chair, sheriff and district attorney.

Cobb Chairman Mike Boyce will face several Republican challengers in the primary, including perennial candidate and retired businessman Larry Savage and former police officer Ricci Mason. The winner will go up against South Cobb Commissioner Lisa Cupid, the only Democrat to qualify.

The race to fill Cupid’s vacated seat has attracted no fewer than seven candidates. East Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott is also leaving the board, leaving four candidates to compete for his office.

The sheriff’s race is also shaping up to be the most competitive in years, with three challengers taking on incumbent Neil Warren, who is under investigation by the state ethics commission.

County Commission Chairman

Mike Boyce, Republican (I)

Ricci Mason, Republican

Larry Savage, Republican

Lisa Cupid, Democrat

Clerk of State Court

Angie Davis, Republican (I)


Neil Warren, Republican (I)

Gregory Gilstrap, Democrat

James Herndon, Democrat

Craig Owens, Democrat

District Attorney

Joyette Holmes, Republican (I)

Flynn Broady, Democrat

Clerk of Superior Court

Rebecca Keaton, Republican (I)

Sondra Rowan, Republican

Nick Simpson, Democrat

Nancy Syrop, Democrat

Connie Taylor, Democrat

Tax Commissioner

Carla Jackson, Republican (I)

County Commissioner, District 4

Monica DeLancy, Democrat

Shelia Edwards, Democrat

Elliot Hennington, Democrat

Jonathan Hunt, Democrat

Edwin Mendez, Democrat

Angelia Pressley, Democrat

Monique Sheffield, Democrat

County Commissioner, District 2

Fitz Johnson, Republican

Kevin Nicholas, Republican

Andy Smith, Republican

Jerica Richardson, Democrat

County School Board, District 1

Randy Scamihorn, Republican (I)

Vickie Benson, Democrat

Lynn Lafferty, Democrat

County School Board, District 3

Leroy Hutchins, Democrat

County School Board, District 5

David Banks, Republican (I)

Matt Harper, Republican

Shelley O’Malley, Republican

Tammy Andress, Democrat

Julia Hurtado, Democrat

County School Board, District 7

Brad Wheeler, Republican (I)

Lindsay Terrebone, Democrat


Donald Perryman, Republican (I)

Matt Wellborn, Republican

State Court Judge, Post 1

Allison Barnes Salter, (I)

State Court Judge, Post 2

Maria Golick, (I)

State Court Judge, Post 3

John Morgan, (I)

State Court Judge, Post 4

Jane Manning, (I)

State Court Judge, Post 6

Joseph Atkins

Trina Griffiths

Scott Halperin

Mazi Mazloom

Diana Simmons

David Willingham

State Court Judge, Post 7

Carl Bowers, (I)

State Court Judge, Division II Post 2

Marsha Lake, (I)

State Court Judge, Division II Post 5

Eric Brewton, (I)

Judge of the Probate Court

Kelli Wolk, (I)

Chief Magistrate Judge

Brendan Murphy, (I)

State Senate, District 6

Jennifer Jordan, Democrat (I)

Harrison Lance, Republican

State Senate, District 21

Brandon Beach, Republican (I)

Michael Caldwell, Republican

State Senate, District 32

Kay Kirkpatrick, Republican (I)

Christine Triebsch, Democrat

State Senate, District 33

Michael Rhett, Democrat (I)

State Senate, District 37

Lindsey Tippins, Republican (I)

Vanessa Parker, Democrat

Turner Rentz III, Democrat

State House, District 32

Alan Powell, Republican (I)

Alisha Allen, Democrat

State House, District 33

Bruce Azevedo, Republican

Rob Leverett, Republican

Tripp Strickland, Republican

Kerry Hamm, Democrat

State House, District 34

Bert Reeves, Republican (I)

Priscilla Smith, Democrat

State House, District 35

Ed Setzler, Republican (I)

Lisa Campbell, Democrat

Kyle Rinaudo, Democrat

Elizabeth Webster, Democrat

State House, District 36

Ginny Ehrhart, Republican (I)

James Ryner, Democrat

State House, District 37

Mary Frances Williams, Democrat (I)

Rose Wing, Republican

State House, District 38

David Wilkerson, Democrat (I)

State House, District 39

Erica Thomas, Democratic (I)

Terry Cummings, Democrat

Jim Hickey, Republican

State House, District 40

Erick Allen, Democrat (I)

Taryn Bowman, Republican

State House, District 41

Michael Smith, Democrat (I)

Stephen George, Republican

State House, District 42

Teri Anulewicz, Democrat (I)

Asher Nuckolls, Democratic

State House, District 43

Sharon Cooper, Republican (I)

Luisa Wakeman, Democrat

State House, District 44

Don Parsons, Republican (I)

Connie DiCicco, Democrat

State House, District 45

Matt Dollar, Republican (I)

Sara Ghazal, Democrat

State House, District 46

John Carson, Republican (I)

Caroline Holko, Democrat

Shirley Ritchie, Democrat

State House, District 53

Sheila Jones, Democrat (I)

State House, District 61

Roger Bruce, Democrat (I)

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