World's oldest ham turns 112, museum claims it's still edible

Salt makes everything better

You may be able to eat it, but that doesn’t mean you should.

That seems to be the message as the oldest cured ham in the world turns 112 years old.

"It looks like a piece of old leather," the BBC reports.

Smithfield, Virginia Isle of Wight County Museum curator Tracey Neikirk told the Wall Street Journal, getting a new display case for the ham was a struggle. "I had a few exhibit companies say we can't make a case for that. They can make a case for Mrs. Lincoln's dress, but hams, not so much," she quipped.

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Randy Worobo is a food microbiology professor at Cornell University. He says while it might not taste great, you could make a sandwich from the old pork. "From a microbiological standpoint, it's got an indefinite shelf life once you remove enough of the water," he explained.

However, Dr. Worobo was quick to add that when it comes to aesthetics like how it tastes and feels in your mouth, “it may not be acceptable."

Our message to anyone saying the ham is fine to eat is short and simple:

You first.

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