University students encouraged to urinate in shower to conserve water

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A new water conservation campaign at a college in the United Kingdom is raising eyebrows.

The University of East Anglia’s “Go with the Flow” campaign is asking students to urinate while in the shower. The campaign includes statistics on how much water could be saved if the school’s 15,000 students participated in the campaign.

According to the BBC report, the unusual concept could "save enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 26 times."

The campaign was created by university students Debs Torr and Chris Dobson, and they are encouraging their classmates to take to social media to spread the word.

Dobson says that so far, the “Go with the Flow” campaign has been quite divisive.

But Dobson dismisses any health concerns about urinating in communal showers, saying that urine is sterile. He did suggest that those participating in the campaign should use the same communal shower.

When asked for comment, a university spokesperson told the BBC that the university “supported students in their efforts in these initiatives.”