Space buffs use crowdfunding to 'wake up' abandoned NASA satellite

Craft is sending info back
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The International Sun-Earth Explorer was launched in 1978 but has been out of service since 1997. Until now.

On Thursday, ISEE-3 woke up and is now sending telemetry back to earth after a group of space buffs used crowdfunding to contact the satellite from a radio-telescope in Puerto Rico.

"We knew we could do this. It's a vindication," group co-director Keith Cowing told Science.

"It's sort of like reaching back in time to grab something that otherwise would have been lost," he continued.

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Members of the Reboot Project say they will check out the craft's scientific equipment and then initiate a burn with its fuel left on board.

Their goal is to move the satellite into an orbit that will allow the group to conduct further research.

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