Report: Naked woman, child found dead near car wreck

Credit: Brian Stablyk

Credit: Brian Stablyk

Two bodies were found near a car that smashed head-on into a pole in Forth Worth, TX.

Amber Bently had just dropped her kids at school when she found the wreck.

"There's always deer in that field," Bentley told the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. "I was looking for the deer, and I saw the car," she continued.

“It was against a tree, and the hood was smashed in and the driver's side door was open. I was hollering asking if everybody was OK, hoping if somebody was in there that they could at least respond."

Police on the scene didn't find anything, but WFAA writes "a fence repairman eventually stumbled onto the woman, who a source says was naked." One report claims the young girl was found under the woman but another says she was a short distance away.

Cops aren’t sure if the two were in the car or how the bodies ended up in the field. Autopsies are scheduled this week.

"That's heartbreaking,” Bently sobbed. “I have four kids. I couldn't imagine."

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