Mug shot reveals man with football helmet tattooed on his head

Victor Thompson may be the world’s biggest Patriots fan.

Thompson, 46, was arrested last month in Florida for possession of synthetic marijuana. He told cops that he didn't realize the drug was illegal in Florida, claiming it was still legal in his home state of New Hampshire, according to The Smoking Gun.  He was booked on a felony drug possession charge.

His mug shot was anything but ordinary. Police took a series of photos to record his distinguishing features for future reference. His wild mug shot photos have since gone viral.

Thompson has dedicated his entire head to his Patriots pride, making his noggin a shrine to Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady. Thompson’s elaborate tattoos are designed to resemble a helmet. Brady’s jersey number 12 is on one side, along with the Patriots team logo and a replica of the Super Bowl trophy. Thompson paid special attention to detail, even including the logo of NFL helmet maker, Riddell, front and center on his head. Signatures of current and past Patriots players also appear on Thompson’s head.

So far, there has been no comment from the Patriots.