Man's Stormtrooper costume saves him from deadly snake bite

An Australian man claims he was saved from potential death by his Stormtrooper costume.

Scott Loxley has been on a trip to walk over 9,300 miles across Australia in the Star Wars costume to raise money for the Monash Children's Hospital.

It was on day 277 of his journey when Loxley came across a King Brown snake.

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Thinking it was dead, he went to move around it, when the snake suddenly lunged and bit his shin.

Thankfully, the plastic of the man's Stormtrooper armor kept from the snake's fangs sinking into his leg.

"The armor actually protected me and stopped the bite," Loxley said in a video posted to his Facebook, "I could feel the teeth on the plastic, scraping, but the armor actually stopped something."

The King Brown snake is the sixth most dangerous snake in Australia and has the largest recorded venom output in the world.

Loxley has been walking through Queensland since last month and hopes to raise $100,000 for the children's hospital.

He has raised $40,000 so far.