Man roams neighborhood naked, calls himself ‘Joseph from the Bible’

A naked and delirious man who allegedly identified himself as “Joseph from the Bible” entered a garage and stole a bicycle on Tuesday in Thurston County, according to police.

Area police were dispatched Tuesday evening to the area of Beach Way Northeast after receiving a call that a shirtless male was walking the area, talking to himself. A supplemental caller reported the shirtless male was “talking crazy.”

A third caller reported the man entered her open garage, complained of thirst, and refused to leave.

The woman said she gave him a bottle of water, took a shovel in hand and said she would hit him if he did not leave, according to police. Police said he took the shovel from her, stole a bicycle and rode away.

When police arrived, the man was completely naked, had blood dripping from his face, was breathing heavily and was speaking nonsense.

Police said the man’s eyes looked “wild and did not seem to focus on anything in particular.” Police attempted to apprehend the man, but he resisted and ran away.

Police said they caught up with him and tackled him.  It took five deputies and officers to fully restrain the man, according to police.

The man was taken to Providence St. Peter Hospital for evaluation. On Thursday, hospital staff reported the man was awake.

Police said he has been identified and interviewed, and remains in critical care at Providence St. Peter Hospital. Police will make an arrest decision once the man is released from the hospital.