Man accused of disturbing neighborhood with air horn

A man is facing a misdemeanor charge over an air horn.

KNBC reported that John W. Nuggent was using an air horn that sounds like a train all hours of the night for weeks in El Segundo, California.

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"The sound is like a train coming through the neighborhood," El Segundo police Lt. Ray Garcia told KNBC.

Police said they received multiple reports about an air horn going off and a man driving away in a blue four-door vehicle.

Nuggent was caught when residents were able to perform a citizen's arrest Sunday.

The El Segundo Police Department posted a statement about the incident on its Facebook page Monday.

"There have been numerous reports of similar occurrences over the past several weeks involving a blue 4-door compact vehicle driven by a male white adult."

"Several El Segundo residents, who were alleged victims of the air horn noise, responded to the scene and initiated a citizen's arrest on Nuggent," the statement said.

Police said Nuggent was booked at El Segundo jail and his car -- which had the air horn inside -- was impounded.

"This is a great example of community members and the Police Department working together." police said.