Dead raccoon on sidewalk gets ridiculous memorial

The city responded it had already been notified and animal control was aware.

But it took hours for animal control to show up and #DeadRaccoonTO was born.

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When animal control still hadn't come to get the raccoon, that's when the "memorial" started piling up. It ended up being there the entire day.

The City of Toronto's Councillor, Norm Kelly, even joined in, saying residents were being asked to keep their green bins open in honor of the dearly departed critter.

About 12 hours after the first tweet, tweets confirmed animal control had arrived.

Kelly, being the proper politician that he is, even sent condolences to the Raccoon family.

Toronto Animal Services finally addressed the masses as to why it took so long to properly, ahem, "bury" the raccoon, saying "injured, distressed or stray animals" are attended to first.

Conrad, as the raccoon has been dubbed, may also be helping another cause bigger than himself. People are being encouraged to donate to the Toronto Wildlife Center in his honor.

There's even a section to adopt a baby raccoon.