Creature damages cars in Okla. lot

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Police in Vinita, Oklahoma are not sure what is causing a lot of damage to cars, but they think an animal is the culprit.

Eight cars have been damaged.

Something is ripping parts off the vehicles and leaving behind bite marks.

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The damage has been done over the course of the week, and owners say it is all being done after hours at Green Country Ford.

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The evidence it is leaving behind is strange.

“There are paw prints, fine, course hairs mixed in all the mangled parts and what look to be bite marks,” said Fred Griffin, the general sales manager at Green Country Ford.

Griffin and his employees have their own theories of what it could be, including bigfoot, a wolf and a chupacabra, to name a few.

Police are investigating the incident.

Chief Bobby Floyd said he believes their suspect is a white dog that sees the cars as a chew toy, but Griffin says that dog’s fun is costing the business a pretty penny.

“I almost came out here in the middle of the night last night and just sat and watched,” said Griffin.

John Stonebarger posted pictures of the damaged cars with a warning on his Facebook page.

“They thought I was joking around,” he said. “They thought it was actually a car wreck and I was pulling a prank or something.”

Now, Griffin and Stonebarger want people in the area to stay alert.

“If it could do this to a car, what could it do to a human being?” Stonebarger asked.

Police are going to patrol and look for the culprit.