Caught on camera: Man boldly moves bowels in Seattle-area front yard

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To call Lowell Deo's front yard landscaping "well-manicured" is an understatement.

His stately home is well-tended from every angle. So when he found a very large foul mound of fecal matter near his shrubbery, at first he was disgusted by the thought of neighbors failing to clean the mess of an enormous dog.

“My mind automatically said something's not right here,” Deo said. “I don't think it's a dog. I don't know much about dogs, but dogs do it on the grass. This was in the dirt, and it was huge!"

Deo scoured his home surveillance video, which is recorded around the clock, and sure enough, he discovered that the video revealed the dirty donor.

"Lo and behold, guy with a shopping bag, wanders onto the property," Deo said, describing a man he'd never seen before taking his time--at 7:30 a.m. to find a spot to squat. “He looks at the street. He looks at the house, and you're like screaming at the monitors 'look up there's a camera!'”

From two camera angles the man is seen taking his time to leave his business in the yard. Then he methodically pulled up his pants and moved on down the road.

Deo said he would like to confront the person who seemed comfortable loosening his load in broad daylight, on what clearly is private property.

“I just want to get a good long look at somebody who would go, drop his pants, squat, and do his business in a stranger's yard," Deo said.

Seattle police took the report seriously. An officer watched the video, tried not to laugh—according to Deo, and listed the crime as damage to property. Lowell, “Should it be Illegal dumping?"

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