Caught on camera: Drunk gorilla punches photographer

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What’s worse than an angry gorilla?

A drunk one.

Images of a wildlife photographer’s terrifying encounter with a silverback gorilla at the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda have quickly gone viral.

According to Caters News Agency, Christophe Courteau, 46, was taking photographs of a group of silverback gorillas when the alpha male of the group, Akarevuro, suddenly charged at him.

The gorilla weighs approximately 550 pounds.

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Courteau commented that the gorilla hit him like a rugby player, and the impact felt like he’d been hit by a train. The gorilla pushed the photographer aside to pursue a male gorilla.

The photographer was not seriously injured in the scuffle, coming away with a small scratch on his forehead.

Gorillas consume a great deal of bamboo during the rainy season. Bamboo stems ferment in the stomach of gorillas, causing the apes to become drunk and rowdy.

The photographer says gorillas usually only attack people if they feel threatened or scared.

Courteau said he will remember the close encounter for the rest of his life.