British geneticist says he has proof of Yeti

This is the most legitimate source we’ve heard say they believe in Bigfoot in a while. Well, in Yetis. A geneticist from the acclaimed University of Oxford in England says he has proof.

Professor Bryan Sykes did DNA testing on hairs from two unidentified animals — one found in the Himalayas, one in Northern India — then compared the results to other animals. (Via The Mirror / Channel 4)

One of the hairs was from a beast shot by a hunter 40 years ago. The hunter was so taken aback by the unusual animal that he held on to some of its remains. The other hair was found in a forest by filmmakers a decade ago.

What Sykes found was a 100 percent match to a sample from an ancient polar bear jawbone found in Norway — a specimen that might date back as far as 120,000 years ago. So, what does that mean? (Via BBC)

Sykes says at that time, bears were separating into two different species — the polar bear and the brown bear. He thinks this unidentified animal is a cross between the two — still living in the Himalayas. It is the Yeti. (Via NatGeo)

"The fact that the hunter, who had great experience of bears, thought this one was in some way unusual and was frightened of it, makes me wonder if this species of bear might behave differently. Maybe it is more aggressive, more dangerous or is more bipedal than other bears." (Via The Telegraph)

And polar bears and brown bears have been known to interbreed. (Via Christian Science Monitor)

Of course, legends of Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatches have permeated culture for years, with alleged video and photographic evidence turning the creatures into the stuff of legends. (Via Museum Of The Weird)

More on Sykes’ findings will air in a documentary on Channel 4 in the U.K. Sunday.

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