‘We must act’ on gun safety, Warnock says on Senate floor

U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock urged his colleagues on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon to take further legislative action to crack down on gun control in the wake of Atlanta’s Midtown shooting.

“I rise today in shock and sorrow and in grief for my home state and, if I am honest, I rise really with a deep sense of anger about what is happening in our country in the area of gun violence and death,” he said.

Warnock warned that gun violence touches many lives, even if people aren’t directly impacted.

“This is knocking on all of our doors, and I feel it this afternoon in a very real sense. I feel it in my bones because my own two children were on lockdown this afternoon,” he said.

He said that although Congress recently passed significant gun safety, it does not go far enough.

“Shame on us if we allow this to happen and we do absolutely nothing,” Warnock said.