Florida sheriff’s office debuts ‘groovy’ new video

Credit: Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

Credit: Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

The Brevard County Sheriff's office in Florida decided against full SWAT gear and instead went with glittery jumpsuits in its latest crime prevention video.

The 7-minute video is titled: "The Best Collection of Crime Prevention Songs Ever!"

And, boy, will it have you movin’ and groovin’ — or maybe cringing a little bit.

The video is an infomercial hosted by deputies Sgt. Kurt Benfant and Cpl. Jay Martinez.

It features some choreographed dances, matching throwback outfits and interesting singing.

If you get past all that and read the song titles, though, you might need stitches from laughing.

Some of the best ones are: “Don’t Stop Lockin’,” “That’s the Way I Lock it,” “All you need is locks,” “Guess Who's Outta Town (I Read It on Her Facebook),” “Locked Shack” and many more.

While some might think the video looks like a schools project gone wrong, the video served its purpose of grabbing people’s attention and sending an important message.

WEEKLY CRIME PREVENTION MESSAGE FROM THE DESK OF SHERIFF WAYNE IVEY THE BEST COLLECTION OF CRIME PREVENTION SONGS EVER!! If you don't have this amazing music album of Crime Prevention tunes then someone is probably going to steal your collection!! Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Posted by Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Florida (Official) on Sunday, April 9, 2017