Video of man with cerebral palsy visiting beach for first time goes viral

WATCH: Man With Cerebral Palsy Visits Beach For First Time

An Alabama man with cerebral palsy said he felt "blessed" to visit the beach for the first time, WIAT reported.

A video posted to Facebook went viral as David Thomas of Bessemer visited Panama City Beach, Florida, with his friend, Izas Fuller. Thomas, 36, who uses a wheelchair to navigate, had not left Jefferson County in 20 years, reported.

"The last time I went anywhere I was 15 years old. This … it was like a dream. Like something I didn't want to wake up from," Thomas said.

Fuller posted the video, which has been viewed more than 62,000 times on Facebook.

"I just wanted friends to see it because I had talked about it for a few years. It was amazing that we got that kind of response," Fuller told "I was blessed just to experience his experience. It's a blessing to be a blessing."

In the video, Thomas silently watches the waves, The Ledger-Enquirer of Columbus, Georgia, reported. Then he turns to the camera.

“I’m just happy to be here ... cause I never really do anything,” Thomas said. “This is so beautiful, and I just thank God for making this possible.”

"I feel blessed," Thomas told WIAT. "I know there's a million people in the world in my predicament and they don't get to do things like that. So I was just excited."