UPDATED: Want a $10 check or $15 coupon from Red Bull?

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UPDATE:  Not everyone will be getting that $10 payout or $15 coupon promised by the Red Bull settlement.    According to Time.com, the Red Bull settlement was capped at $13 million.  It has been confirmed by the press release from the attornies involved in the case.


ORIGINAL POST: Did you drink a Red Bull product between Jan. 1, 2002, and Oct. 3, 2014? If so, you can make a claim for either $15 worth of Red Bull products or a $10 check under the terms of a class action settlement. (consumerist.com)

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You don't even have to show proof of purchase. You can fill out a claim online or print out a form and send it by mail. (Claim information)

The deadline to submit a claim is March 2, 2015.

The class action lawsuit accused Red Bull of false advertising. Red Bull settled in August, without admitting wrongdoing. (Bevnet.com)