Twerk fail: Girl's 'hot' dance for boyfriend turns fiery

Oh, Miley, see what you've spawned?

When pop star Miley Cyrus set the Twittersphere on fire after her raunchy "twerk" dance on the MTV Video Music Awards, we all knew it was only a matter of time before we started seeing a flood of imitators on YouTube.

But a recent YouTube submission by user Caitlin Heller is now burning up the internet. In it a young girl claiming to be Heller is seen performing an acrobatic twerk dance up against a door. As the submitter posted on the video:

I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :)

We are glad she can joke about it now, because what happens next is a little scary. While gyrating up against the door, another girl opens the door from outside, knocking the twerker over and into a table that just happens to have burning candles on it. Out of view of the camera, we hear screaming and suddenly see the dancing girl's pants on fire.

We have to assume all ended well for the girl after this very harrowing accident ... or was it a clever fake? Reddit users debated this on Friday and there seems to be no consensus.

Fake or real, it's an entertaining video knowing that the girl was not injured.

If you are inspired by Miley and Caitlin and want to give twerking a try, check out this how-to video.