Truck spills sewage through Douglasville streets

Portable waste became a bit too stationary late Wednesday night as a truck that empties portable toilets relieved itself over nearly three miles of Douglasville streets.

The truck leaked 350 gallons of human waste throughout its trip, city workers told Channel 2 Action News.

The driver, who works for National Construction Rental, drove down six streets with the truck leaking waste, workers said.

“We started to see the traffic backing up and people turning around giving the stink face,” business owner Timmesha Rogers told Channel 2.

The truck started spilling waste on Campbellton Street in front of Douglas County High School before making his way down Church Street, Adair Street, Spring Street, Fairburn Road and Hospital Drive, where the leakage ended.

A city crew worked into the night, applying a liquid deodorizer and later spraying a chlorine bleach mixture along the route.

The city will now call on National Construction Rental to send a hazardous materials crew to finish the cleanup.