Transform your home into a coffeehouse with a home coffee station

Home coffee stations provide that coffeehouse atmosphere in your home.

Over the years, coffee drinks evolved from percolated cups of joe to fancy mochas, lattes and macchiatos. Instead of brewing at home, people began picking up caffeinated beverages at coffeehouses.

The home coffee station is bringing the coffee-drinking ritual full circle. With commercial-style espresso machines, disposable coffee cups with lids, flavored syrups and frothing devices readily available, it's easy to set up a home coffee station—a space designated for creating caffeinated concoctions.

First, find a space. A stretch of the kitchen counter, a butler's pantry or wet bar make ideal places for home coffee stations. If you lack space in the kitchen, consider using a console table, bar cart, buffet or credenza in the dining area.

The standard accouterments needed for a home coffee station include a coffee machine or other brewing device, nearby access to filtered water, cups, storage for coffee beans or grounds and condiments.

If you're into craft coffee preparation such as pour-overs, the Chemex and Aeropress, you may want wall-mounted shelves to store extra equipment. Coffee snobs must save space for a burr grinder.

The key is having everything you need to prepare and serve coffee the way you like it, in one place.

It makes no difference where you like it. You can set up a home coffee station in an office, bedroom or bathroom.

"With the abundance of these single-serve machines, what is becoming more prevalent is their incorporation into areas outside the kitchen, " said Dan Weidmann, president of remodeling and renovation firm Weidmann & Associates of Roswell. "Indeed, it has become a standard question we ask a homeowner when we are doing a master bathroom or master suite remodel, "do you want to include a dedicated space for a coffee maker?"

Built-in coffee systems such as the fully-automated coffee machine by Thermador are like self-contained coffee stations. These machines grind coffee, make espresso and have milk frothing features. They also free up counter space.

Coffee-themed art, signs and photographs can provide finishing touches to your cozy coffee space.