Today’s Vent

If everything we said or did years ago were held against all of us, none of us would have a job. Being PC sounds great until it affects you. Be careful what you ask for!

Those who scream loudest for tolerance seem to be the most intolerant.

If a pulpit is used for political sermons, the church should lose its nonprofit status.

With all that our government is doing these days what freedoms are we supposed to be celebrating this July 4th? The Founding Fathers would be disgusted.

When only the corrupt seek power then the powerful are corrupt.

Didn’t vote? Don’t complain.

Being against something is less work than being for something.

Anyone notice how “Global Warming” became “Climate Change” when GW was shown to be a myth?

Most overused words have to be: like, actually and at the end of the day. Sick of hearing all those.

Instead of whining about anything the House will do, call me when the Senate bothers to look at the 30+ bills the house has passed in the last year.

GA law states that if your car is 10 years old or older, you drive less than 5,000/yr AND if you are 65 or older, you can file for exemption from emission testing. WHAT THE HECK HAS AGE GOT TO DO WITH IT?

Good screen-writing can make bad actors seem good.

Regulations are a symptom not the cure.

If you want to demonstrate all day, get a job as a community activist.

A person’s desire to hold public office is an easily cured affliction.

Vote against everyone. You’ll never be wrong.

We have walled in our communities (gated), our Nation (Boarder Fence), our lives (Social media) and our future (let all of the illegals come on down); glad I have no children to worry about the future.

The word FIANCE’ is the most MISUSED word today!

Maybe if hungry children could donate as much to Congress as the oil companies and agribusinesses do they might get special tax breaks too.

Remember, most government contracts come from the lowest bidder, thus sidewalks (and bridges) to nowhere.

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