5 things to know today: Mo'Nique owes almost $400K in taxes


Credit: AP FILE

Credit: AP FILE

1. Mo'Nique has a big tax bill. Oscar-winning actress Mo'Nique owes $389,904.98 to the federal government in unpaid taxes. The government filed the lien a month ago in Gwinnett County.  Read what AJC TV writer Rodney Ho has to say.

2. Clinton slammed for wearing $12,495 Armani jacket.  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in hot water for her wardrobe. But to be fair, Donald Trump's suits are pretty pricey, too.

3. It was a boo-tiful experience. In an interview with Robin Roberts, Bobby Brown says he once had sex with a ghost in Georgia. Roberts  had quite a reaction.

4. Rolling shootout on I-20.  Two people were reported shooting at each other while driving down I-20 eastbound near Panola Road in DeKalb County Tuesday. The toll: 1 dead, 5 cars with bullet holes and traffic delays.

5.  Overnight news for political junkies. Hillary Clinton not only claimed victory as the presumptive Democratic nominee, but early Wednesday morning was declared winner of the California primaryBernie Sanders vowed to keep up the fight and is scheduled to meet with Barack Obama Thursday. And Donald Trump turned to a teleprompter for his victory speech, after saying earlier in the day that his remarks about a Mexican-American judge were 'misconstrued.'