11 things to know about Hemy Neuman case

Credit: Jason Getz / AJC

Credit: Jason Getz / AJC

Update: Hemy Neuman was sentenced to life without parole Tuesday afternoon after a jury rejected his defense that he was driven by mental illness to kill a man outside a Dunwoody daycare in 2010.

Original story: Here are 11 things you should know about the Hemy Neuman case:

1. On Nov. 18, 2010: Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman is killed after taking his son to class at Dunwoody Prep day care.

2. On Jan. 4, 2011: Neuman, who supervised Sneiderman's wife at GE Energy, is arrested and charged with murder after investigators discovered he rented a silver minivan the day before the shooting.

3. On March 15, 2012: Neuman is found guilty but mentally ill in the shooting of Rusty Sneiderman. He is later sentenced to life in prison.

5. On Aug. 2, 2012: A DeKalb County grand jury issues an eight-count indictment charging the victim’s wife, Andrea Sneiderman, with malice murder, attempted murder, racketeering, insurance fraud, and two counts each of perjury and false statements. She was arrested that same morning in Putnam County.

6. On July 26, 2013: Judge Gregory Adams dismisses murder charges against Andrea Sneiderman after the district attorney said he would not pursue the three most serious criminal charges.

7. On Aug. 19, 2013: Andrea Sneiderman is convicted of nine of the 13 felony counts against her. She is sentenced to five years in prison.

8. On March 17, 2014: Judge denies Neuman's request for a new trial.

9. On June 15, 2015: Citing a violation of attorney-client privilege, Georgia’s Supreme Court reverses the conviction of Hemy Neuman.

10. On Aug. 20, 2015: Neuman tells the court he can no longer afford his defense attorneys. Judge says public defenders will be appointed.

11. On Aug. 23, 2016: Verdict announced in retrial. Neuman found guilty of murder and possession of a firearm.