The Vent for Friday

Here's a retro idea: work hard, live within your means, save, and don't buy three closets of clothing and you to can have a nice nest egg to retire.

Politics is a magnet for dishonest people who have an inflated sense of importance and entitlement.

How come the Whitehouse says they cut the deficit by $2.5 trillion, but the sequester cut of $42 billion has shut down half the government?

Car dealers lobbied representatives to put into law the "Title Tax" that benefits them. How is this not bribery?

Our society is caught up in trying to teach children about bullying, but this same society is being bullied by corporations and Congress.

What is wrong with having an open mind?

You know people have different opinions so why get angry when someone does not agree with you?

Too bad job hunting is not a paying job; I would be making a six figure income by now!

We can't grandfather in those under 18 for medicare & social security. We'll be lucky to grandfather in those under 60 at this point.

Does anyone like "My Web Search, Sponsored By Google"? Just try to get rid of it!

Will Taylor Swift still be talented when she runs out of material (i.e., men) to write about?

I would go to bed an hour earlier to make up for the time change if Channel 5 would move their news up an hour.

We've truly gone through the looking glass when politicians are more concerned about assuring the rich get richer than they are in helping those who need help to escape poverty's grasp!

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