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Q: What do I need to have to renew my driver’s license?

—Jeanne Mabrey, Fayetteville

A: The Georgia Department of Driver Services requires documents to renew a driver's license unless you have a gold star on your license, which allows you to renew without documentation.

U.S. citizens need to show proof of identification, which includes one of the following: U.S. passport, an original or certified copy of a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, or U.S. military discharge papers.

Non-citizens need to present one of several documents, which are listed at www.dds.ga.gov/secureid/accepteddocs.aspx.

For proof of Social Security number, bring your Social Security card or another accepted document on the list.

Proof of address requires two documents.

The many options include a utility bill (including a cable, sewer, power or water bill from the past two years), a financial statement (bank, credit card, etc.), your unexpired driver’s license, a paycheck or W-2 form from the past two years.

Other valid documents include, but aren’t limited to, a homeowner’s insurance policy, health insurance statement or explanation of benefits and Georgia or federal income tax return or refund check.

A complete list of the documents needed to renew a Georgia driver’s license can be found at www.dds.ga.gov/secureid/accepteddocs.aspx.

Licenses and state-issued ID cards can be renewed up to “150 days before the expiration date and no later than two years after the expiration date,” the DDS states.

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