Q&A on the News

Q: The Georgia DOT cut down all of the trees in the median between the north and southbound lanes, and the trees on each side of I-75 South, below 675. Please tell me they’re not trying to improve 75 South.

—Raymond King, Stockbridge

A: The trees are being removed for the construction of express lanes on I-75, from Ga. 138/Stockbridge Highway for about 12 miles to Ga. 155/McDonough Road. "The proposed project consists of the addition of two reversible express lanes located within the median of I-75, to be managed by a variable priced tolling system," GDOT states on its website.

The project, which is expected to cost $176 million, is designed to “improve traffic flow and increase options for motorists.” Traffic delays, including at night, are expected during construction, but crews won’t work during “peak travel times” and holidays, the website states.

Q: Why were Navy SEALS chosen for the Osama bin Laden mission instead of the Army Rangers?

—Wilton Marchman, Hampton

A: Had the Army been chosen, Delta Force, not the Rangers, likely would have carried out the 2011 mission to kill bin Laden. There's no official explanation why SEAL Team 6 was selected, but a retired Army Green Beret told the Washington Times in 2012 that it was due to the fact that Adm. William H. McRaven, a former SEAL, commanded the Joint Special Operations Command at the time.

“All I’ve heard and observed is that he is obviously pro-SEAL, and that explains why Delta has been sidelined,” he told the paper. McRaven went on to command U.S. Special Operations Command before he retired. A spokesman told the paper: “There are some units we do not discuss.”

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