Q&A on the News

Q: Is Erin Brockovich trying to start a class-action lawsuit against the company that spilled chemicals into the Elk River in West Virginia? Also, what other environmental causes is she involved in? Have all chemical traces been removed from the Charleston water system?

—William McKee Jr., Flowery Branch

A: Brockovich is investigating the chemical spill into West Virginia's Elk River, according to her website (brokovich.com). "We are as much about prevention at this time as we are about seeking punishment for these criminal acts," she states.Brockovich also is involved with environmental issues in California, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan and Utah, and several consumer issues.

On Jan. 9, a storage tank leaked 10,000 gallons of chemicals – mostly crude 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (which is used in coal mining) – leaving 300,000 people without water. The ban on drinking, cooking and bathing with the water started being lifted on Jan. 13, but it was reported last month that some residents still won’t drink the water and continue to report a licorice smell – a result of the MCHM —in the air.

Q: Does TBS no longer broadcast MLB games on Sunday afternoon? In the past couple of years, it showed an MLB game at 1 p.m. on Sundays. I haven’t seen a game on the network this year.

—David A. Manecke, Mableton

A: TBS will televise one MLB game on each of the final 13 Sundays of the regular season, beginning July 6. TBS also will show one wild card play-in game, two divisional series and a league championship series. TBS began televising postseason games in 2007 and regular-season games in 2008.

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