Q&A on the News

Q: Who owns the antenna farm across the street from 6018 Spalding Drive? No local station has a sign there claiming ownership.

—John Ottley Jr., Alpharetta

A: Dickey Broadcasting has owned the tower site near Norcross since 1993, and uses it to broadcast 680 The Fan, a sports radio station.

The tower site attracts attention because the antennas aren’t multi-directional, but each one sends a signal in a different direction.

In order to meet Federal Communications Commission requirements, two towers send out a signal during the day and all eight work at night. That way, the station doesn’t interfere with other stations.

“We power down at night and those eight antennas allow us to reach as far as we can powered down at the levels that we have to for the FCC,” Scott McFarlane, the station’s assistant program director, told Q&A on the News.

The site was hit by a tornado in 1998, when violent storms swept through metro Atlanta and left behind $250 million in damage.

Q: On Riverside Road at Martin Road in Roswell, a blue light has been installed along the walkway. It lights up at night. What is its purpose?

—Yolanda T. Rossi, Roswell

A: The blue light is part of 911 call box system that's been installed on the Roswell Riverwalk Trail.

There are 10 call boxes along the trail for use in emergencies, a Roswell spokeswoman told Q&A on the News.

They flash at night, she said.

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