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Q: The last time I renewed my driver’s license, they said they no longer put “organ donor” on the licenses. Should I wait until I renew my license in a year to do this, or should I contact LifeLink and let it be known that I want all of my organs donated?

— Julie Ashton, Alpharetta

A: Prospective organ donors shouldn't wait to register when they renew their license, Tracy G. Ide, public affairs coordinator with Lifelink, told Q&A on the News in an email. You can register at donatelifegeorgia.org or by calling 1-800-544-6667 to receive an enrollment form. Georgia's Department of Driver Services (DDS) no longer puts "organ donor" on licenses, instead printing the word "donor" with a red heart. Even though the wording is different, it puts the donor's name into Georgia's Organ & Tissue Donor Registry, which is the database used by LifeLink in the case of death.

Q: The Wall Street Journal recently reported that $40 invested in 1919 would be worth $10 million today. Is this accurate?

— Don White, Atlanta

A: The newspaper reported that $40 invested in one share of Coca-Cola stock in 1919 would be worth about $10 million if all dividends had been "reinvested annually." It based that statement on a 2012 release from the company. Coca-Cola stock has split 11 times since it began trading in 1919, the first time in 1927 and the most recent in 2012. Coca-Cola's market value grew from $20 million in 1919 to more than $165 billion last year.

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