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Q: Both of Georgia’s senators voted “yes” to prevent a U.S. default and economic crisis. I want to know which of Georgia’s representatives voted “no,” thus inviting a U.S. default. Since 2014 is an election year, this is important information for Georgia voters to have.

— Marlow Skinner, Milton

A: Nine of Georgia's 14 representatives, all Republicans, voted against the debt ceiling bill. They are: Jack Kingston (1st District), Lynn Westmoreland (3rd), Tom Price (6th), Rob Woodall (7th), Austin Scott (8th), Doug Collins (9th), Paul Broun (10th), Phil Gingrey (11th) and Tom Graves (14th). Five Democrats — Sanford Bishop (2nd), Hank Johnson (4th), John Lewis (5th), John Barrow (12th) and David Scott (13th) — voted for the measure, which passed 285-144. Eighty-seven Republicans voted for the bill that ended the federal shutdown, funded the government through Jan. 15 and raised the debt limit until Feb. 7.

Q: In a recent online article about national park closings, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had a file photo of the Mount Rushmore monument from above. That photo showed a structure atop George Washington’s head. What on earth is that?

— Charles McCullough, Dawsonville

A: The structure on Washington's head houses equipment for the rope access team that performs maintenance and preservation on the carving, Maureen McGee-Ballinger, with the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, told Q&A on the News in an email. "It also serves as a place for employees involved in preservation work to get out of the sun and take breaks during work on the mountain," she wrote. The building also houses equipment that monitors the movement of "rock blocks" in the carving.

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