Teen laughs, but unamused judge hands down 65-year sentence

An Alabama teen laughed at a judge’s comment during his sentencing hearing Thursday. The judge was not amused and handed down a 65-year prison term.

LaKeith Smith, 19, was convicted of felony murder, armed burglary, second-degree theft and third-degree theft, WFSA reported.

An Elmore County jury found Smith guilty of the felony charges in March. He was the only defendant of four that did not plead guilty.

Judge Sibley Reynolds said during the sentencing hearing that Smith had shown no remorse for his actions and did not apologize, WFSA reported.

Smith had said “I don’t have time for this,” which prompted a strong rebuke from the judge, WFSA reported.

“You got plenty of time for this,” Reynolds told Smith before handing down the sentence. “When I called the case earlier you said you ain’t got time for this, so I didn’t know if you had time for this now?”

Smith laughed and lowered his head, saying he didn’t realize the judge heard him.

Reynolds asked Smith, "You just don’t get it, do you?"

Smith’s grandfather pleaded for the judge to show mercy, but Reynolds was unmoved, WFSA reported.

“Standing there in court, I couldn’t help but have compassion for his grandfather, for his family," Robinson said. “Because of his stupidity, they have lost him for 65 years.”

Reynolds then handed down the 65-year sentence, WFSA reported.